Blemish pattern and intensity may vary

Salt Creek SL2 - Factory Seconds


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Three season, freestanding, three door, superlight tent

Have your cake and eat it too with the Salt Creek SL series of tents. Featuring three doors(!) that offer double side doors with double vestibule storage plus one head-entry door with an awning-style entrance, this tent can do it all and then some all the while hitting the mark for a full-featured backpacking tent. Steep walls create ample shoulder space while the 3D bin pocket uses up dead space above the feet to create generous storage inside the tent.

These tents may feature blemishes that affect the coloration of the tent material in unique ways. Each one is different - see pictures above for examples. This blemishing is 100% cosmetic, and does not affect the waterproofing, material quality, or any other aspect of the tent's performance. Our normal warranty applies to these tent model

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What's in a Name?

Salt Creek, formerly a tributary of the Elk River, is now a small neighborhood north of Steamboat in the heart of ranch country. It is known for it's choice gravel roads and gentle scenery that make it a popular route for local cyclists to let loose on their bikes for a day among the ranches that are the backbone of Steamboat's Western heritage.

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