meet the crew.

Our Ambassador Team is a key part of the Big Agnes family.

No matter what walk of life they come from - whether their adventures bring them around the globe or into their own backyard - they embody the Mother of Comfort.

Just as they are proud to share their experiences, we are proud to partner with them, in the hope of inspiring others to go out and do the same.  

Ann Driggers - Backcountry Bon Vivant

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Meet Ann

A Jill of all trades and a master at none, Ann is a weekend warrior and backcountry bon vivant who lives to hike, ski, and paddle but mostly bikepack in the mountains of western Colorado.

Originally from the UK, Ann lives and works in the Roaring Fork Valley, from which she aims to explore as much of the wild and beautiful places of her local geography as possible. She works a full time job while maximizing pre-and post-work micro adventures. Her favorite is to ride out from work up into the mountains, find a sweet camp spot, cook dinner, watch the sunset, gaze at the stars, sleep, coffee and then ride back into work at sunrise. The weekends are spent deep in the Elk Mountains, where devising new routes and trulyconnecting with nature, returning with memories, pictures and words with which to inspireothers, are what makes her tick.

Favorite Food – Tough question-I love ALL food ;) But if I have to go with one-curry-my British roots showing through!

Favorite place you’ve traveled – New Zealand

What drives you to adventure – Sometimes the discovery of a new route, or a place rarely visited. Other times it's about the physical challenge, traveling long distances everyday on my bike. But mostly I am driven by being outdoors in a magical place with beauty in every direction, immersing myself in it, observing the small and the large, the micro and the macro, seeing and feeling all of the landscape.

Go to costume piece – Unicorn

@anndriggers | Ann Driggers Photography

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Ben Weaver - Biker Singer Songwriter

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Meet Ben

Ben Weaver is a songwriter and poet who travels by bicycle. He uses music and poetry to strengthen relationships and culture between humans and their local ecosystems. He has released nine studio albums and five books of poetry. Given the choice he will side with the animals, lakes, rivers and the trees.

Favorite Food – Mushrooms (preferably wild)

Favorite place you’ve traveled – The places I have been able to reach within, due to the wisdom I have received from the places I have reached without.

What drives you to adventure – A sense of responsibility to place and the relationships I keep with the beings in those places. It's less about adventure for me and more about tending to relationships.

Go to costume piece – lately it's been the Zetto Jacket!

Ben Weaver Music

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Cherise Tuttle - The Cloudbase Foundation

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Meet Cherise

Cherise Tuttle is an avid adventurer who has spent the better part of her life living in the mountains with her wolf dog, Astro as her main adventure companion.

From running an adventure sports media company to finding her confidence and independence in sports like paragliding and rock climbing, she has immersed herself in the outdoors and created a lifestyle within it. Her years of experience living and working in these exceptional environments has given her the skill-set to effectively problem solve in extremely challenging or unexpected situations, giving her the opportunity to manage expeditions throughout the Himalaya. It has also given her space to develop as a writer and photographer with her media appearing in the likes of Outside and Cross Country magazines. Passionate about making a meaningful contribution to the world, Cherise prioritizes projects with social and environmental impact. She currently sits on the board of The Cloudbase Foundation; a global non-profit organization to social entrepreneurship and humanitarian projects.

Cherise also personally supports impoverished families and children in the remote villages of the Himalaya through a platform she and her late husband, Cody Tuttle, started called The Nyima Project. Cherise’s passion for the outdoors has also gone hand in hand with her love of all things related to wine, and her travels have given her a deep appreciation for the geography and culture that go into creating it. This has led to deeper studies as a sommelier and her current position as a Wine Director in the heart ofthe Santa Barbara County wine country.

Cody was her greatest supporter in following this dream.

Favorite food - Pizza (cold pizza in the mountains is the best!)

Favorite place I've traveled - Manaslu Region, Nepal

What drives me to adventure - Self discovery and experiencing the raw beauty and elements of outside

Go to costume piece - Unicorn onesie 🦄

The Cloudbase Foundation | The Inverted Life | Cody Tuttle | The Nyima Project |

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Erick Cedeño - Bicycle Nomad

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Meet Erick

Erick Cedeño, known as the Bicycle Nomad, is an explorer and historian. Recently inducted into the 2022 class of The Explorers Club 50, Cedeño is recognized as one of the year’s 50 explorers changing the world who the world needs to know about. 

Cedeño’s bikepacking adventures include tours from Vancouver to Tijuana, and from Miami Beach to New York City. He is also retracing history and sharing the untold narratives. In 2014 and 2020, the Bicycle Nomad followed the historic path of the Underground Railroad and rode from New Orleans to Niagara Falls. 

Last year, Cedeño honored the 125th anniversary of an epic bicycle ride few have heard of in their history lessons. In 1897, the Buffalo Soldiers, an all-Black regiment of U.S. soldiers, rode 1,900 miles from Montana to Missouri on bicycles. The goal of the 41-day journey was to test the feasibility of replacing horses with bikes in military operations. The regiment biked more than 50 miles each day, pedaling through rain, snow and difficult terrain. After diligent historical research, Cedeño retraced their route in summer of 2022. 

Favorite food - Vegan Thai and Indian food

Favorite place I've traveled - Retracing the 1897 expedition of the Bicycle Corps from Missoula, Montana to St. Louis, Missouri

What drives me to adventure - Curiosity drives me. It fuels my insatiable desire to know what’s beyond the next bend of the road, to discover what’s there beyond the edges of the map. If it is my muscles that propel me forward physically, it is curiosity that propels me mentally

Go to costume piece - My go to costume piece is my tuxedo

@bicycle_nomad |

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Jalen Bazile - The Black Foxes

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Meet Jalen

Jalen is an outdoor facilitator, organizer, and outdoorsman, dedicated to creating spaces that welcome and affirm Black, Indigenous, and People of Color in the outdoors.

His background is in outdoor education and positive youth development and has supported and mentored young people for a number of outdoor youth organizations. Jalen organizes nature-based community events in Colorado and specializes in activities such as climbing, cycling, and overnight trips.

Lastly, Jalen is the founder of Travl Wide, a bikepacking outfitter, helping people develop their relationships with themselves, their community, and the land around them. He has a love for all things nature-based and is passionate about connecting people with the natural world.

Favorite food - Oxtails & plantains

Favorite place I've traveled - Girona, Spain

What drives me to adventure - Sense of wonder, constant curiosity about the world we live in.

Go to costume piece - Myself

@jalenbazile | @the_blackfoxes |

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Jon Yazzie - Dzil Ta’ah Adventures

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Meet Jon

Jon is a full-blooded Dine (Navajo) and aspiring adventure cyclist. He runs tours through his company Dzil Ta’ah Adventures, in Kayenta, AZ, an organization providing backcountry cultural experiences through bike-packing and raft-packing, with a focus on mentoring Navajo youth and community engagement.

Jon’s dine clans translated in English are:

I am Near the mountain

Born for Zuni - Edgewater

Maternal grandfather - Red running into the water

Paternal grandfather - Blackstreak wood people

Favorite food - A bucket of mussels any day of the week

Favorite place I've traveled - All of western Iceland

What drives me to adventure - Connecting withmother earth

Go to costume piece - Always a large wig with an 80’s headband

@dziltaahadventures |

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Justin Reiter - Retired Pro, Active Adventurer

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Meet Justin

Justin is a retired professional snowboarder. Over his career Justin became an Olympian, a World Cup Champion, a Vice World Champion, and a 10x National Champion.

Following a 20 year career competing all over the world representing the United States, Justin stepped back from the start gate to begin a career coaching with Red Bull and multiple Olympic Teams. Throughout his career Justin utilized his relationship with the outdoors as a key element of his training for both mental and physical preparation. From being the first person ever to bike all of Colorado's (legal) 14'ers, to bikepacking the Colorado Trail, Justin expanded his skill set, drive, and sense of adventure through his connection with the outdoors.

While being the best in the world is no longer the priority, Justin chooses to inspire others in their pursuits of excellence, and he continues his adventurous life in the woods, on his snowboard, and in the saddle all over the world, follow the pursuit at @Justin_Reiter. Lets camp!

Favorite food - SUGAR!I wish it wasn't but gosh darn I love me some sweets.It doesn't matter what kind: ice cream, pastries, chocolate, cake, reeses I am down for it. Bread and Cheese are a close second.

Favorite place I've traveled - Favorite winter location is Japan. Hot Ramen, hot springs, and cold powder are unbeatable. Favorite summer location is Finale Ligure for mountain biking.The bike culture and Italian cuisine set on the coast hits like a beach version of Moab.

What drives me to adventure - I don't know if I would call myself driven to adventure... I feel rather, I am drawn to see what is just beyond the horizon. It always amazes me how close the unknown really is and how with a little bit of sweat and planning you can change the unknown to the experienced. I love seeing new places with my own eyes and sharing places old and new with people I love and no matter
the experiencethe outdoor environment magnifies the vibes.

Go to costume piece - Jean Vest. I try to always pack things that can be used on the daily AND whenever a random costume requiring booty shakin hoedown comes a callin'. The old denim vest can work in every environment. Dressed up or down it's a show stopper.


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Rebecca Rusch - Queen of Pain

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Meet Rebecca

Rebecca Rusch is no stranger to pushing the limits of human performance.

A multi-decade, multi-sport 7x world champion, Mountain Bike and Gravel Hall of Fame inductee, professional athlete – with no signs of slowing down anytime soon. Her grit, determination, and perseverance have earned her the moniker “Queen of Pain” for a reason.

In addition to incredible feats of athletic performance, she really did swim the Grand Canyon, she’s also an Emmy Award winner, best-selling author, highly sought after motivational speaker, CEO, event director and founder of a nonprofit in her father’s honor, the Be Good™ Foundation. As a fierce competitor, Rebecca repeatedly embraces risk and has reaped countless rewards. As she continues to evolve, what motivates her most is her ability to inspire and challenge herself and others to Be Good.

Favorite food - Wine and cheese!

Favorite place I've traveled - In the US, I decided to live here. Internationally, Laos!

Check out my film about biking the Ho Chi Minh Trail.

What drives me to adventure - Curiosity to see what’s out there in the wild and also to see what’s
inside my own wild interior brain and heart.

Go to costume piece - Bowler hat and 70’s pantsuit! | @rebeccarusch | Be Good Foundation

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Tommy Danger - More Than Just Me Foundation

Tommy papua
Tommy denali summit

Meet Tommy

I've always wanted to just explore even in the cornfields of Indiana where I grew up. We didn't have mountains so I stuck to climbing trees and most of my neighbor’s houses.  

There was this itch inside me that needed to be scratched as I would wake up at 5am as a child and head out to the lake to catch turtles, frogs, and snakes just for the adventure of it. As I got older I wanted to do so much. I would see pictures and dream of going there, but at the time I didn't think it was possible until I met Carl Drew. Together we planned to ride our bikes across America to help at-risk teens and it wasn't until that day that we set off that I knew I could truly live my dreams. 

Today I run a non profit called More Than Just Me where we use a different array of adventures to drive awareness to causes around the world. My current project is More Than Just Mountains where I am climbing the Seven Summits to shine a light on Cystic Fibrosis. 

Its been 15 years since I made this massive change in my life and since then I have rode my bike from Los Angeles to Boston. Ran from Seattle to Daytona Beach, and have completed six of the Seven Summits.  

I currently live in Anchorage, AK with my beautiful wife Alyx, (Dr. Danger) and our beautiful daughters, Mayzie Soleil and Legynd Kauai .  

Life is what you make it and I challenge you to extract yourself and live your life. 

Favorite food - Sushi, pizza, and wings 

Favorite place I’ve travelled - This is a tough one as there are so many incredible places across the globe. I want to say Antarctica as its so unknown and vast. I would say my favorite place to scuba is Fiji and I just love the country and its beauty as well as the local people and if I was staying within the states I would say it’s hard to beat southern Utah. 

What drives me to adventure - I have a couple of reasons, as currently a lot of my adventures are based around bringing awareness to a genetic disease called Cystic Fibrosis. Helping others through something you love doing gives me this immense feeling. It is my ultimate drug. Also what drives me is understanding we get ONE life to live. I don’t want to be on my death bed one day questioning my life because I allowed the fear of failure to keep me from living my dreams. 

Go to costume piece - The mustache is the ultimate costume and disguise. 

@adudeandhiscamera | More Than Just Me Foundation

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Trevor Hahn - Art Through Touch

Trevor h camp
Trevor h mtn


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