Product Innovation

Product Innovation

We use our backyard access to some of the most iconic mountains on the planet to inspire innovation, find solutions, and go beyond the standard.

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reducing our impact one tent at a time.

Big Agnes is the first to introduce solution-dyed tent body and fly fabrics to the equipment category. The ultralight Fly Creek and Tiger Wall backpacking and bikepacking tents in this collection are made with solution-dyed fabrics which drastically reduce water and energy consumption during manufacturing. The result is better for the environment and the high UV resistance of the solution-dyed fabrics improves the quality of our tents. Improving already great tents isn’t easy, choosing to lessen the environmental impact while doing so is.

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tent technology.

We’ve traveled the globe for the best of the best in fabrics, materials, and construction in an effort to design tents that will withstand the test of time, wind, dirt, and kids.

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dominico textile.

Dominico Textile makes some of the lightest and strongest fabric available to us for tent fabric. Strong enough for parachutes and paragliders, Dominico is known the world over for its quality, consistency and durability but is lesser known in the outdoor industry. We have worked closely with Dominico for years to develop performance fabrics for select technical tents in our line.

dirt dagger™ UL stakes

No detail left out. Lighter, stronger, patent-pending stakes that you never knew you needed. When it comes to designing the most innovative gear on the market, no detail can be left out. Our patent-pending Dirt Dagger stakes are no exception. Included with all new 2021 tents and available separately to replace any existing (i.e. bent, heavy, lost) stakes you need to.

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mtnGLO® tent light technology

Light up the backcountry using durable LED technology to illuminate the interior of your tent with enough light to sort gear, play cards, and hang out with friends without blinding them with a bright beam of light. A simple push button controller with three settings - on, off and 50% brightness- controls the mtnGLO® lights. LED light strand in integrated into tent seams and is durable and flexible enough to withstand repeated tent pitching and stuffing. Requires three AAA batteries (not included) to operate the mtnGLO® light controller. The Light strand can also be powered by any USB source.



The MtnGLO Tent Light Accessory Kit is part of the Big Agnes mtnGLO collection which uses long-lasting LEDs to illuminate the interior of your tent evenly.

sleeping bag technology.

We are committed to making sleeping bags that mimic your cozy bed at home as much as possible with the highest quality, lofty fills and soft, technical fabrics.

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downTek™ water repellent down insulation.

Down sleeping bag insulation has long been the favorite of backpackers, thru-hikers, and mountaineers due to its relative light weight and ability to pack down small. While down bags generally cost more and require more care to keep dry in humid conditions, the soft feel of down is unsurpassed and extremely popular. Big Agnes features DownTek™ water repellent down insulation in all of our down sleeping bags.

Torchlight Expandable Mummy Sleeping Bags

One-shape-fits-all sleeping bags have been the industry standard for generations, and that's why we designed the Torchlight series of expandable mummy sleeping bags. With unzippable panels on either side for creating a perfect fit, without sacrificing weight or warmth, our Torchlight bags can give you up to 6" of extra room at the shoulders, hips, feet, or throughout the entire sleeping bag.

Pat. 11,534,011 B2

Torchlight Feature

the big agnes system.

Our Big Agnes System bags are designed to keep your bag and pad connected to provide a secure foundation that keeps you on your pad all night. We eliminate the bottom insulation that gets compressed with our integrated Flex Pad Sleeve and Cinch Pad Sleeve designs to accommodate the pad which provides the insulation.

The highly packable and lightweight Big Agnes Flex pad sleeve and Cinch Pad Sleeve secures your bag and pad together to keep on your pad all night. The simple stretch construction goes on and off with little effort and accommodates a variety of sleeping pad sizes.

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