Accessibility Policy

Accessibility Policy

With the mountains in our backyard (literally), it’s natural for the Big Agnes team to want to share our love for getting outdoors.

That’s the heart of our business. And because we believe everyone should be able to enjoy the natural beauty we love, we are fully committed to making our website accessible to everyone, with and without disabilities.

As part of our company’s policy, Big Agnes has adopted the W3C Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) Level AA as our accessibility standards for our website and its content. We are actively working on updates to meet Level AA Success Criteria as set forth in the WCAG 2.1 Standards.

Big Agnes uses third-party content on our website supplied to us in order to promote a product. This means we do not have control as to whether it adheres to WCAG Level AA standards. While we urge our partners to address this, we cannot compel them to do so. We do consider conformance with these standards as one element when selecting third-party vendors. But you can expect our original content to meet the higher standard.

In order to achieve our accessibility goals, Big Agnes is working to develop and institute the following best practices:

1. Big Agnes will be designating an individual to serve as Compliance Manager for website content and our digital accessibility efforts. This person will serve as a resource for the teams involved in developing and maintaining our digital content.

2. The Big Agnes Compliance Manager will be responsible for conducting internal training sessions for the Big Agnes team to ensure they understand their responsibilities in serving our entire audience. Special training sessions will address how to assist and respond to customers with physical, sensory, or mental disabilities, how to handle accessibility issues, and how to ensure compliance going forward.

3. Our Compliance Manager will be charged with staying abreast of new developments in assistive technology and e-commerce guidelines. Big Agnes will conduct manual evaluations to monitor, analyze, and address issues preventing accessibility in our web applications and digital content every six months once the new website launches.

4. Big Agnes will assign specific tasks to each of the major teams involved in the application and content development life cycle to ensure, to the extent possible, we meet our accessibility goals. These tasks include design reviews, standards-based development, and quality assurance testing with assistive technology.

While we are working on a compliant website, should you encounter issues with the current site, please contact us so we can help you access the content in a different form or format.

We welcome your questions and feedback concerning the accessibility of the Big Agnes website. Please contact us at 877-554-8975 or email us at