2nd Routt Program

2nd Routt Program

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reuse. recycle. repair.

giving your gear a 2nd Routt.

we're committed.

Big Agnes has always focused on making quality products built to last with sustainable value chains, to help keep our gear on the trail and out of the trash.

Starting with the Big Agnes gear repair team in our early years, our positive environmental impact has only grown stronger over the last 20+ years and continues to grow. We have a long history of donating returned products to charitable causes, including displaced communities in Colorado, and upcycling returned gear that cannot be repaired.

A key part of our mission is to design innovative products made from recycled materials that do not contribute to waste, like our Circle Back™ Insulated sleeping pad - our first circular product that can be fully recycled after it's usable life.

As we move forward, we are committed to doing our part to be kind to our beautiful planet.

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here's the plan:

1: build durable gear.

Our mission is to design and build high quality, durable gear using recycled and upcycled materials.

2: keep it out there.

We stand behind our gear. Our Repair Center works tirelessly to keep damaged gear out on the trail instead of in the trash.

3: close the circle.

When gear is not repairable, we recycle it or harvest it for parts that can be reused.

durable, sustainable gear.

Circle Back™

Inflating a sleeping pad

Circle Back™ Insulated

Made with recycled materials, and fully recyclable.

Big Agnes is proud to present to you our first fully circular product, the Circle Back™ Insulated. Featuring the latest innovations in sleeping pad sustainability, technology, and comfort: This pad is a two-part-system pairing a soft, insulated, recycled fabric outer cover with a durable TPU inner air bladder.

Once it's usable life is over, Send It Back To Big Agnes, and we'll recycle it into something new!

Crag Lake

Crag Lake SL2 In Action

Crag Lake

Meet the most sustainable tent in our line.

Made from high-tech recycled materials, this reliable shelter with two doors and two vestibules is easy onthe environment and your base weight.

Simple, durable, and superlight, the Crag Lake is your ideal companion for quick overnights or any three season camping adventure.

Greystone & Anthracite

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Greystone & Anthracite

The Greystone and Anthracite mummy-style sleeping bags deliver reliable warmth with sustainability in mind.

Constructed with high quality, lightweight materials, these sleeping bags boast 100% recycled lining and shell fabrics with PFC-free water resistant coatings and insulated with bluesign® certified DownTek™ (Greystone) and 100% recycled FireLine™ synthetic insulation (Anthracite). Ideal for backpacking but versatile enough for couch surfing, get out there in comfort and warmth!


Parkview Backpack Lifestyle Image

Big Agnes Backpacks

Fast and light backpacks for days hikes to multi day adventures.

Made with recycled and solution-dyed fabrics, these backpacks have plenty of storage capacity and adjustable features for maximum comfort.

Air Chamber Sleeping Pads

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Sleeping Pads

Our air chamber sleeping pad line gives you a reason to rest easy.

The Zoom UL Insulated, Boundary Deluxe Insulated, Divide, and Divide Insulated sleeping pads all made with recycled nylon ripstop. These sustainable sleeping pads elevate you 3.25” – 3.5” off the ground, include a Pad Inflation Sack for quick inflation, and feature single or dual port valves for customizable comfort. Each pad is inflated and tested before arriving in your tent ensuring 100% dependability.

Enjoy nights under the stars knowing you’re sleeping on maximum comfort with minimal impact to the environment.

Insulated Chair Covers

Insulated Cover - Big Six Camp Chair In Action

Insulated Chair Covers

S’more warmth for your camp chair - with minimum impact on the environment!

Sustainably produced, using recycled fabric and our proprietary Fireline™ Eco recycled insulation, these chair covers are a great way to keep your butt warm and your conscience clear!

TwisterCane™ BioFoam Pads

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TwisterCane™ BioFoam Pads

TwisterCane ™ BioFoam Pads are made with over 60% sugarcane resin.

Pretty sweet, right?

Made to be used solo as a minimalist pad, or to add insulation value to an air pad when winter camping, the TwisterCane™ is guaranteed to be the sweetest piece of gear in your pack.

2nd Routt collection

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closing the circle.

New for 2024, our Circle Back™ Insulated sleeping pad is Big Agnes' first circular product!

Created using recycled materials - including a pad cover that is 100% recycled fabric and insulation - the Circle Back is also fully recyclable. At the end of it's usable life, just contact Big Agnes and we'll take it back so it can be recycled into something new!

recycle your circle back
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introducing DAC E1 recycled tent pole set hub

Big Agnes is proud to partner with DAC, the world’s leading tent pole manufacturer to introduce the new DAC E1 tent pole set hub. The new hub contains 25% - 30% post-industrial aluminum. Beginning in 2023, Big Agnes started incorporating the recycled DAC E1 hubs into pole sets on select tent models and will expand with each production season.

“DAC is one of our longest and most trusted supply chain partners. We share a vision for expanding the use of recycled or more sustainably sourced materials and the E1 hub is a perfect example of their tenacity and focus.” – Bill Gamber, Big Agnes Founder and CEO

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keeping your gear out there

From day one, Big Agnes has been dedicated to keeping gear out on the trails. The Repair Team patches tent tears, straightens poles, fixes zippers, and much more.

In 2022 alone, this hard-working team saved gear for over 6,000 customers and sent out 1,500 gear parts for in-field repairs to help adventurers keep exploring comfortably and sustainably.

Get In Touch

Bringing It Back Around

Got some older Big Agnes gear?

Through Our Used Gear Trade-In program, you can send in your used Big Agnes gear in return for credit towards something new.

Your gear is then recycled, stripped for parts that can be used in future repairs, or donated to a good cause.

Trade Up
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