The Outdoor Gear Holiday Gift Guide

The Outdoor Gear Holiday Gift Guide

Whether you're looking for the perfect gift for the thru hiker in your friend group or your kid who is eager to learn how to camp, you've come to the right place. Introducing our 2023 Gift Guide for all the outdoor lovers in your life🎁

Getting Them Started

Buying gifts for a newbie camper can be quite the task. What will they actually use? What kind of camping are they doing? Will it be cold when they camp? There is a ton of gear to consider and we're here to help make that easier.

Big Six Armchair - A deluxe chair with deluxe chillin in mind, the Big Six Armchair has a tall back, wide seat, perfect for maximum comfort on any adventure. 2 cupholders and color coordinated hooks give you easy set up and comfort.

Boundary Deluxe Sleeping Pad - Ultra comfortable and quiet sleeping pad, perfect for maximum sleep-ins. Light enough for backpacking but comfy enough for car camping.

Greystone - Ideal for backpacking but versatile enough for couch surfing, the Greystone is perfect for novice campers to get you where you need to go. This mummy shaped bag is a fan favorite. Comes in a 0°, 20°, and 30°.

Blacktail 2 Superlight Tent - Perfect for any type of camping and any group of people. With sizes from 2-4 persons, the Blacktail has a little bit of everything. If you split the tent into different sections (poles, rainfly, body) it makes for easy carrying between 2 people!

Impassable 20L - From the classroom to bikepacking, this bag is the perfect size for any types of travel. It even fits perfectly under the seat in front of you for airplane travel. 😉

Shovelhead/Luna - A Steamboat Springs staple piece for the last 22 years. Low weight, extra cozy, and 700 DownTek filled, you'll be extra toasty with this staple piece.

Gear Junkies

You know those people that can never have enough gear? They like all of the gadgets... once something new is released they just have to have it. This is the list for them.

Gold Camp 3 Tarp - This single pole tent makes the set up super easy. Varying in a 3- or 5-person size, gather the whole gang and play some cards in this sweet tent.

Captain Comfort - This sleeping "pad" will have you feeling like you're asleep at home in your bed. It has 5 inches of thickness for maximum comfort and maximum chill. Ask any employee at Big Agnes, and almost everyone has one in their gear collection.

"I love the Captain Comfort! Personally, I'm a fan of the 40” wide size. It fits perfectly in the back of my Tacoma for one or two people. You just pull the inflation plug when you get parked and by bedtime it’s full and cushy and the plushest truck bed. Also makes a really great slumber party extra bed for a couple kids to crash on when needed." - Katie Hughes, Director of Marketing

Stake Hammer/Hatchet - For multi-purpose usage, you can hammer in your tent stakes or cut down some fallen wood for your fire. T

Red Elephant Cagoule - This pullover is a perfect addition to any sort of winter activity kit. From backcountry skiing to a chilly night by the campfire. It's the perfect addition to your wardrobe.

"What makes the best gift? Something the person might not get themself but would actually love. Until you put on a zipper less down pullover, you’ll never realize how different the zipper makes a piece feel. Seriously, the Red Elephant Cagoule is like wearing a hug... or a cloud. It’s toasty, lightweight, comfy, it’s stylish for men or women (my wife wears hers with leggings). It’s like your favorite puffy jacket and your favorite baggy hoody had a baby. With a relaxed fit and extra length to cover your booty, a front kangaroo pocket, and a big, drop-in zip pocket- just make sure to get your person a color you like looking at, because they’re never going to take it off!" - Asa Ireland, Product Information Specialist

Soul Kitchen Camp Table - From tailgating to campsite meals, you can't go wrong adding this camp table to your collection. Perfect for serving food or drinks, just remember no hot plates!

Insulated Chair Covers - These chair covers fit perfectly over your Big Six Camp Chair, Mica Basin, and Skyline chair. Keeps your bum warm with no cold drafts.

Ounce Counters

You know that friend who has to have the lightest set up? Counting every single ounce that they'll be bringing and cutting off tags to everything... this is the list for those people.

Tiger Wall UL1 Tent - The Tiger Wall UL1 is a must have in your gear closet. Our lightest technical backcountry 1 person tent. If you're looking for ultra-light this one is for you.

Torchlight UL Sleeping Bag - Designed for those gram-counting backpackers searching for the lightest gear with comfort in mind, the Big Agnes Torchlight UL 20 degree sleeping is the perfect mix of comfort and warmth while weighing in at only 2lbs 4oz.

Rapide SL Sleeping Pad- One of our most popular pads, dont sacrifice comfort for weight, when you can have both! Three season comfort and superlight, the Rapide is the best bang for your buck.

Bearsley/Zetto Jacket - If you're looking for functionality and style, this jacket is perfect for the ultralight minimalist. Rock climbing, backcountry skiing, or bopping around town, everyone could use one of these jackets in their life.

"First of all the Zetto jacket looks great with the diamond quilting pattern, and I've gotten tons of complements on it. More importantly, it's the perfect layer for so many things, and it packs down small enough that I bring it on almost every trip. I've used it during backpacking trips, while hiking fourteeners, on late season bike rides, while backcountry skiing, and I throw it on in the plane every time I fly. Even if I'm not sure that I'll need an extra layer, I'll toss it in the bag and bring it since the bulk and weight it adds is negligible." - Dan Buri, Ecomm Marketing and Sales Specialist

Stocking Stuffers

Dirt Daggers - You can never go wrong having too many stakes, throw some in to their stocking so they can always make sure their guylines are staked out.

mtnGLO® Tent + Camp Lights - Tent lights are the perfect addition to an already perfect set up. Adding a light glow to your tent helps you find any trinkets you may have lost in your tent.

"mtnGLO® Tent & Camp Lights are my favorite tent accessory. Their soft glow is easy on the eyes at night while illuminating your tent perfectly for getting snuggled in for the night or prepping for a pre-dawn trek. At only 2oz and packing down small, I don't think twice about tossing these in for a backpacking or camping trip. The best part? The mtnGLO® Tent & Camp Lights save me from accidentally blinding my tentmates with a headlamp while I get my gear in order." - Esther Drebelbis, Brand Manager

Trash Can - The Big Agnes trash can is perfect for anyone on trail. Instead of stuffing your pockets with granola bar wrappers, use your trash can and you can keep it all in one place!

Tent Floor Protector - We all love camping with our furry friend but sometimes it can be stressful, hoping they don't puncture a hole in the floor. The tent floor protector is perfect to keep that stress away for you and also works great for normal wear and tear.

Hats + Beanies - Nothin a BA hat can't fix. Add another hat to their wardrobe, everybody likes hats.

TwisterCane Hiker Seat - The perfect addition to a summer day hike or for après at the ski mountain. You can use the TwisterCane for camp stretching or use it to add a little extra warmth to your camp chair.

"My TwisterCane Hiker Seat goes everywhere with me. I use it everyday. I can stretch on it. It's the perfect knee pad for doing hip openers. It's amazing!"- Dalton Johnson, Photographer

Rapide SL Pillow - Packs down to the size of an energy bar and weighs 1.6 oz, never sleep without a pillow in the backcountry!

We know how tough shopping for your friends and family can be, but with this Gift Guide hopefully it'll check some easy gifts off of your list. Happy Holidays!