Introducing Recycled Aluminum Tent Hubs

Introducing Recycled Aluminum Tent Hubs

We are excited to announce an exclusive program with longtime partner DAC, the world’s leading tent pole manufacturer, to use the first of its kind, DAC E1 recycled tent pole hub, containing 25%-30% post-consumer recycled aluminum. The company will integrate the E1 hub into select tent pole sets in 2023 and expand the program significantly in future seasons.

“We share a vision with DAC for expanding the use of recycled, more sustainably sourced materials and the E1 hub is a perfect example of their tenacity and focus,” said Bill Gamber, Big Agnes co-founder/president. “Big Agnes looks forward to incorporating the E1 recycled hub into our tents starting this year.”

The manufacturing process for recycled hubs cuts down on energy usage and greenhouse gas emissions by 80%-90%. The aluminum saved in the first year of the program, based on a conservative estimate, is the equivalent of over 4,000 12oz aluminum beer cans. Taking historical data into account the program should grow exponentially in following years.

“DAC is focused on producing the world’s highest quality tent poles and hardware with the least impact on the environment, said Jake Lah, DAC founder. “We are excited to introduce the E1 hub as it represents a breakthrough in recycled alloy that retains our quality standards at the weight and strength of our original hub. We will expand this program with Big Agnes and our customers to reduce our use of non-recycled alloy in future.

About DAC: Based in South Korea, DAC is the only high strength aluminum tube manufacturer developing products through both material and process innovation. Working with aluminum heavyweight ALCOA, DAC developed the custom alloy TH72M. This alloy combined with years of experimentation and rigorous production controls creates the right environment for building the finest aluminum tubes available today. For more information, visit