How to Fit a Backpacking Pack

How to Fit a Backpacking Pack

Whether heading out on a short overnight or a multi-day backpacking trip, you want your backpack to fit just right. We put together a helpful guide to help you find the right size for your Big Agnes pack and how to make the proper adjustments for a custom, comfortable fit.

Check out our pack fit video to find your size and perfect fit before taking to the trail:

Find the Right Size

You’ll first want to measure your torso length to find right backpack size for a Big Agnes overnight and multiday pack. Your torso length is measured from your C7 vertebra straight down to the top of your iliac crest at the top of your hip bone.

Adjust to the Perfect Fit

Now that you have found the right size backpack, let’s get your backpack fitted for optimal comfort.

1. First, load your pack with 10-20 lbs of gear and completely loosen all the adjustment straps

2. Put the pack on and wrap the hip belt around your iliac crest. The front most padding of our Open Range hip belt will rest on top of your front-most hipbone while the padding around the triangle cutout will cushion your iliac crest

3. Buckle the hip belt and tighten evenly with the buckle centered. The hip belt should be snug against your body so 80% of your pack weight rests on your hips

4. Tighten the shoulder straps

5. Adjust the Load Lifters at the top of the shoulder straps to align at a 45° angle. You can adjust these as needed while you’re out on the trail

6. Next, adjust the Hip Belt Stabilizers to bring your load closer to your body. The Open Range Hip Belt allows for the upper and lower section of the hip belt to be adjusted separately for a more custom fit

7. Lastly, buckle your sternum strap, adjust along the track to comfortably sit below your collar bone, and tighten to lie flat against your chest with moderate tension

We want your backpacking backpack to be comfortable and it may take some time to get your backpack to fit just right. With Big Agnes backpacks, you can make custom adjustments out on the trail that will have you hiking in comfort for the long haul.