Goosenest Development to Dirt 

Goosenest Development to Dirt 

The Goosenest Gets You Up Off The Ground

If you’ve been camping in the dirt for a few decades like we have, being a little further off the ground can be nice. Cots have historically been heavy, unstable, and bulky making it more challenging to include them in your backcountry kit. You know what is light, fluid, and doesn’t take up much space? Air. Rather than reinvent the wheel, our Product Development team based the new Goosenest Cot design on something else Big Agnes already does really well: air pads.

Early testing found the air cot prototypes to be extremely stable on uneven ground and less than half the weight of traditional cots. Durability was key to the success of this design, so we enlisted the help of some smart friends who make inflatable emergency equipment. With their help, our team developed a lightweight inflatable sleeping platform featuring beefed up construction while maintaining the cot’s ability to pack down small enough for many of your backcountry excursions.

Photo Credit: Noa Wetzel

After checking all the boxes for our design priorities, our design team sprinkled in some thoughtful features to improve usability and versatility. Heavy duty Velcro® patches on the bottom and sides allow these pads to connect securely together like big, inflatable building blocks. Use one Goosenest Cot for Solo Mode. Creaky bones need a little more space from the ground? Spring for the Goosenest Double Decker. Side Velcro® patches mean the Double Decker Cot can also be attached side-by-side for Double Wide Mode.

This sturdy, lightweight furniture creates an inflated foundation to elevate your sleeping pad. A sleeping pad podium, if you will. An inflation foundation. Both the single and double come with a mesh Accessory Cover to keep any sleeping pad securely in place atop the cot. Air pad on air cot equals crazy comfortable. The cover attaches securely with adjustable buckles around the cot perimeter. An Accessory Double Wide Cover is available to purchase for the Double Wide setup.

Reflective of its namesake, this cot features a larger perimeter air chamber keep you cradled in the center of this ‘nest’. Peak 11,810′, also known as the “Goosenest”, is located within the Zirkel Wilderness north of Steamboat Springs and situated along the Continental Divide.

The Mother of Comfort is proud to offer yet another way to sleep comfortably at camp. We like to think of it as a “Backcountry Box Spring”. The Goosenest Inflatable Cot is a lightweight, packable, product for far-flung adventures when a sleeping pad alone just won’t do.