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Four season, freestanding, mountaineering shelter

The Battle Mountain is a spacious, four-season, lightweight mountaineering tent that offers full protection in the harshest of backcountry and high-alpine conditions. The golden yellow color of the Battle Mountain was requested by Chhiring Dorje Sherpa, a Big Agnes Ambassador and friend who has summited Mount Everest 17 times. It is meant to serve as a tribute to honor the Tibetan Buddhism goddess of prosperity and good fortune, Miyo Losangma whose skin is golden yellow. The golden-colored fly is made of Dominico undyed polyester ripstop, and made with high-tenacity yarn to provide incredible tear strength and UV resistance that won’t fade in the harsh elements. With so much experience summiting 8,000+ meter peaks around the Himalaya, Chhiring’s invaluable input on the overall design, combined with his testing over the years, solidifies the Battle Mountain as one of the best mountaineering tents on the market.
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What's in a Name?

In August 1841, along the Snake River near the Wyoming border, sits the site of a skirmish between trappers and hostile Natives. Twenty-three trappers with a band of Shoshones withstood charges by five-hundred Cheyenne, Arapahoe, and Sioux. Even though the trappers held their own with the help of the Shoshones, they left the area shortly after. This battle gave a new name to Bastion Mountain, now known as Battle Mountain.

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