Trust Your Friends' Outlandish Voicemail Ideas

Trust Your Friends' Outlandish Voicemail Ideas

Sometimes you get those random voicemails that kinda go like, Hey bud, so, I was sitting here thinking about something cool we could do and I think I figured it out. How would you like to…” and you roll your eyes as your best mate explains their latest and greatest idea to you. Well, this year has been one for the record books in terms of random calls and Ive gotta say, its been working out. To give you a sample of what life can be like if you decide to return those calls, heres how the year has gone thus far:

Try Hard in Joshua Tree:

Yo Dalton! I was thinking, it’s much too cold in Yosemite right now, how does it sound if we head to Joshua Tree to boulder and climb on some of those scary runout classics for a little bit?”

Outcome: Two weeks of bouldering and single-pitch climbing in the iconic Joshua Tree National Park. Once the group left, I took a solo night for myself to reflect upon the trip. Well earned and a spectacular way to soak in the sunset views.

Photo: Dalton Johnson. Soaking up the last light in Joshua Tree National Park, CA following a climbing trip with friends.

Backpacking Rae Lakes:

Heyyya! Its me, Abi! You know, that friend of yours from NOLS who always has the best adventure ideas. So, last year we did a section of the JMT, I was thinking, what if we did another section?”

Outcome: Four days and three nights sleeping in the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV UL2 Solution Dye tent. Endless belly laughs as we got stuck in thunderstorms every evening. Also, our final night was greeted with a surprise visit barring a fresh pack of Oreos!

Dalton Johnson and friends backpacking in the Eastern Sierra
Photo: Dalton Johnson. Setting up camp with friends in the Eastern Sierra featuring the Big Agnes Fly Creek HV Solution Dye tent.

High Sierra Adventure or Hot Spring:

Hello… its me again. I had this idea that I didnt explain well in the last message, but I was thinking we could go for a few summits pushes on the East Side. The weather looks spotty, but if we get rained out, we could go hit the hot springs in Mammoth. How does that sound to you?”

Outcome: Two successful peaks ending with the reward of soaking our sore muscles in Wild Willys hot spring.

Dalton Johnson with friend Scott climbing Mount Emerson, California
Photo: Dalton Johnson. Climbing Mount Emerson with Scott before heading to the hot spring.

California Trad-Dad Trip:

Dalton! Give me a call back once you get the chance, I was thinking about coming down from Washington for a week to 10 days and am hoping to have a climbing partner for that time. Are you around and available?”

Outcome: A grand trip of climbing for eight days with three days of commuting. In total we climb roughly 45 pitches, topped three domes and two peaks, only to solidify the fact that the Trad-Dad can still climb 10a on gear!

Photo: Dalton Johnson. Sherman exhausted after eight days of climbing in Lovers Leap climbing area, Lake Tahoe, CA.

Needless to say, my phone has been ringing a good amount and I am quite happy I keep returning these calls. Looking back on those who call me, there is quite the eclectic group—trad dads, 30-year-old bad ass women, 22-year-old college grads, and more! Maybe, it is time for me to give some of these folks a phone call with my crazy ideas!