4 Lessons from Gravel Biking Fruita to Moab

4 Lessons from Gravel Biking Fruita to Moab

I asked on social media “What if I told you that you would go somewhere you had never been, do something you can’t do today and come home with a renewed passion?” Oh and “It will all happen on your bike.”

Quite the question but a great launching point for Nomadic Adventure Co.. As we all know 2020 and 2021 were the years of change. I wanted to help others find motivation, fitness, and have a goal. We started forming our group of “Nomads” while training at home and having weekly calls with industry professionals with the end goal of an epic trip. We did not know then how deeply that would stir people.

Everyone knows that plans change quickly.

The goal was to gravel biking from Fruita, CO to Moab, UT. We would finding new limits and getting to know a route that very few have travelled. It would not be easy, but it would be worth it.

The first day was the most glorious high desert weather that we could ask for but I knew when going to bed in my Copper Spur Bikepacking Tent that first night, it was all about to change. We were on dirt that was already saturated from rains earlier in the week. All of us knew that the upcoming rain would turn the dirt to a mud that would stick to everything we owned and make the ride impossible.

Copper Spur Bikepack tent, Nomadic Adventure, Bikepacking, Gravel Bike Fruita Moab

Does everything go as planned? NO. Long story short we adapted with fun that was not on the calendar but arguably more fun that what we were planning. The lessons learned and believe are:

1. Step outside of your comfort zone and stay there for a bit. You will find a sense of pride in that experience that can not be bought.

2. Take care of yourself and your bike. Your bike is your friend on such trips. There is not an easy out but if you take care of your equipment it will take care of you.

3. Know your gear. This was done through zoom calls, questions and planning. The six Ps definitely came into play…prior proper planning prevents poor performance. Every one of the nomads SHONE!

4. Every day has a high and low. Neither last! Embrace each moment and make the most of it but above all just keep pedaling!

Copper Spur Bikepack tent, Nomadic Adventure, Bikepacking, Gravel Bike Fruita Moab4

Life is full of beauty and surprises…look closely and you will find both in the same place!

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Photos credit: Eszter Horanyi