Big Agnes Introduces Solution Dyed Fabric Tents and Sugarcane-Based Sleeping Pad

Big Agnes Introduces Solution Dyed Fabric Tents and Sugarcane-Based Sleeping Pad

STEAMBOAT SPRINGS, Colo. (January 26, 2020)Big Agnes, the award-winning outdoor equipment brand, recently announced multiple new products made from sustainably sourced materials unique to their categories. These products include a collection of nine of the company’s most popular ultralight tents, now constructed from solution-dyed fabrics, and sleeping pads made with sugarcane extract. Already recognized as a leader in product innovation and materials sourcing, Big Agnes will be the first to introduce solution-dyed fabrics to tents and a sleeping pad made with a sugarcane-based foam.

Photo by Devon Balet: Twistercane™ BioFoam Pad

“Big Agnes is committed to producing gear made from the most sustainable materials possible to help minimize our environmental impacts and increase the durability of our products,” said Bill Gamber, co-founder and president of Big Agnes. “The unique materials sourced for these tents and pads will help lower the energy consumption, water use and chemicals used for production. Our team is working hard to reduce our impacts, one tent and pad at a time.”

The solution-dyed fabrics used to create the fly and inner body of each of Big Agnes’ new collection of tents help reduce energy consumption by 80 percent and water use by 50 percent compared to traditional fabric dyeing methods. Fabrics woven from solution-dyed yarn are also more resistant to UV fade, which improves the overall quality and durability of the tents. Additionally, the production of the solution-dyed tents results in 80 percent fewer chemicals used in the fabric dyeing and finishing processes.

Photo by Devon Balet: Tiger Wall UL2 Bikepack Solution Dye Tent

Key products in the nine-tent Solution-Dyed Tent collection include:

  • Fly Creek HV UL Solution Dye 1+2
  • Tiger Wall UL Solution Dye 1,2,3 and Tiger Wall mtnGLO Solution Dye 2+3
  • Tiger Wall UL Bikepacking Solution Dye 2+3

The closed cell foam TwisterCane™ BioFoam Pad and companion Hiking Seat are engineered for ultralight backcountry trips, providing a firm, cushioned barrier that is durable, comfortable, and insulated. The TwisterCane pad and seat incorporate more than 60% sugarcane extract, an extremely sustainable material solution that is fully renewable and helps reduce the dependence on Ethylene-Vinyl Acetate (EVA) while maintaining function, durability and warmth. The sugarcane is sourced using the Proforest Standards and helps contribute to reduced greenhouse gas emissions by CO2 capture. The TwisterCane Pad was a finalist in the 2021 Outdoor Retailer Innovations Awards, which highlight the gear, brands and shops that are making an impact.