Sun Dog 45L

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Lightweight women’s backpacking pack for overnight trips

Your pack shouldn’t weigh more than the gear inside, that’s why we engineered the Big Agnes Sun Dog 45L women’s pack. Packs for women, designed by women. Built to provide more comfort for a women’s shape, this pack is body mapped for women featuring curved, contoured shoulder straps and anatomical hip belt. The Sun Dog 45L include plenty of storage capacity, custom fit adjustments, and feature a back panel opening for easy access on the go. At Big Agnes, we’ve integrated our years of experience, ultralight recycled materials, and technical features to deliver a fast and light pack for overnighters, thru hikers, and anyone in between.
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Qu'est-ce qu'un nom ?

Rarer than a rainbow, a Sun Dog is a solar phenomenon that has been astounding humans since ancient times. Most commonly seen on clear, crisp winter mornings, the Lakota refer to the circular array of colors surrounding the sun as Wía?héi?'ithi, which can be loosely translated to “The Sun Makes A Campfire For Himself”.

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