Tensleep Station 6


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<p>Three season, free standing, base/car camping tents</p>

You’ll be amazed at how Tensleep Station tents garner more campground ‘tent-envy’ than anything else pitched. The spacious front vestibule has mesh windows that create a screened-in porch, or zip up for more privacy. This might just be the best place to sip your whiskey, read a book, or hang out with the kids while the rest of your posse naps in the back. With a back door and vestibule, there’s enough space for a mean game of Twister. Tensleep Station tents are as luxurious as they are practical.

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What's in a Name?

Sheepherders from southern Wyoming often crossed into Colorado, causing tension with cattlemen who typically saw the sheepherders as invaders for destroying the grazing lands with their sheep. This tension came to a head in the most notable conflict in Colorado, the Routt County Sheep War. Three hundred-fifty cattlemen assembled at the border to hold back some 60,000 head of sheep. Despite vehement threats on both sides, a non-violent resolution was found, unlike the most deadly episode to the north in Wyoming - the Tensleep Murders.

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