Tiger Wall 2 Carbon


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Three season, semi-freestanding, crazylight tent featuring easton® carbon fiber poles and dyneema® composite fabrics

If you could snap your fingers and the lightest, most packable two-door tent of your dreams would appear before you, this would be it. Designed with the lightest-weight materials available; Easton® carbon pole set and Dyneema® Composite Fabrics - an extremely strong and dynamic fiber that is both highly tear resistant as well as fully waterproof. This tent is any ultralight-weight traveler's dream. These products are intended for only the most advanced user. Although extremely strong for their weight, these tents are not indestructible and require careful use to decrease the possibility of damage. Special care during setup and extended trips is important as rough handling, long-term abrasion, exposure to sharp objects or rocky campsite selection may result in fabric punctures and tears. We highly recommend using tent footprints with these tents to improve durability. Self-adhesive repair patches are included in the event that repairs must be made on the trail.
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Qu'est-ce qu'un nom ?

Accessible uniquement en flottant sur la rivière Yampa, ce chef-d'œuvre géologique traverse le Dinosaur National Monument, juste à l'ouest de Steamboat Springs, dans le Colorado. Le site Tiger Wall présente des stries surréalistes de vernis noir du désert, connues sous le nom de Navajo Tapestry (tapisserie Navajo). La tradition veut que les plaisanciers embrassent le mur pour se porter chance avant de franchir le rapide de Warm Springs.

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