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Big Joe 45L sangle bleue
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Rugged, carry-all duffel with welded construction

The perfect companion for adventure travel, the Big Joe carries it all and does it with rugged style. Tarmac waterproofing means there's no need to stress over spills and late night arrival drizzles. Multiple strap options allow for carrying heavy loads and full bags easily and without the bulk of a traditional duffel. These roomy, top loading bags also make for great worry-free storage in the garage or truck bed when you need to keep your gear in a durable container when not in use.
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Known to be one of the more notorious rapids in the Dinosaur National Monument stretch of the Yampa River, Big Joe rolls into Warm Springs after other significant rapids Teepee, Little Joe and Five Springs. This area is also a famed stretch for the geological masterpiece of Tiger Wall as well as visitor-autographed Signature Cave.

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