Sand Wash Car Tarp


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Car-mounted tarp, sunshade, or group shelter

Create a sunshade wherever you go with this roof-rack supported tarp. Featuring a burly, tarmac waterproof bag and lashing, this tarp features two cross poles and two tarp poles that pulls out straight from the bag attached to your vehicle and sets up quickly and easily for shade-on-the-fly.
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What's in a Name?

The Sand Wash Basin in Northwestern Colorado is actually the birthplace of Picasso. No, not the famed Spanish painter, the wild pinto stallion born in the basin who has since become a symbol of freedom throughout the West. While Sand Wash Basin is a popular place for dirt-bikers, boon-dockers, and mustang enthusiasts looking to explore more than 160,000 acres of BLM land, it remains to this day the home of more than 750 wild mustangs and a slew of other desert-dwelling animals.

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